Everything is moving on!

“Viss notiek” – Everything is moving on – is a public affairs program touching on attitudes toward issues in contemporary Latvian life. The program is broadcast on Monday on LTV1 (Latvian National Broadcaster) at 21:55 and repeated on Tuesdays at 11:00.

The programme examines current issues at different levels of analysis: both conceptually and with an everyday, human-interest perspective.

For five years now programme is discussed by politicians in the “corridors of power” as well as by ordinary people on the street. Can these views ever coincide, or are they forever like parallels that never meet? The programme is a Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner for different viewpoints and perspectives. It is tolerant of a diversity of opinions but doesn’t hide its own viewpoint. The program takes a stance against the existing self-satisfied political and social order.

The programme looks for answers to the questions that interest people the most, even if these issues are not in the daily headlines. The scope of the program includes a wide range of subjects – political, economic, cultural and sports issues, as well as the effect of historical events on contemporary Latvian life. The program is interested in people as the atoms making up society and the state, and in people as individuals.

The programme “VISS NOTIEK” – EVERYTHING IS MOVING ON – is made with a wide range of socio-economically active viewers in mind, the primary target age group being between 20 and 50. The programme’s average share is 12% of audience in that time slot. The programme has relatively high ratings, given the serious competition during prime time, when all channels are offering news or entertainment broadcasts.

We – the producers – have positive experience in presenting a variety of local and EU related topics. The angle always varying, from serious to attractive and a wide range of genres is used to present information and achieve maximum impact. The basic method for presenting information, however, starts with specifics that surround us on a daily basis and is further interwoven with a diverse spectrum of citizens’ views and visions on matters to date and the common future of Europe.

ABOUT HansaMedia

HansaMedia, founded in 1998, is a professional team that serve their clients through the full production cycle – from creating an idea to pre- and post- production to ensuring the projects impact on the target audience. HansaMedia produces television programs, video and TV commercials, video films as well as interactive projects.

HansaMedia is one of the leading TV content producers for the Latvian National Broadcaster – LTV – but we often cooperate on projects with leading commercial television stations. Our most popular TV programs to date cover a wide range of topics from popular scence and children’s programmes to public affairs and soicoeconomic analysis. At the present HansaMedia has five TV programmes in production, one internet portal and several film projects in different stages of development.

Over the years many TV programmes and videofilms produced by HansaMedia have gained recognition both locally as well as internationally.

If you want to find out more or contact us you’ll find us at www.hansamedia.lv

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